Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By accessing tabie.net, browsing it, and/or using the services provided by Iqraa Satellite Channels Company (the service provider) or any of its websites or mobile phone applications or various computers you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The trade names of Iqraa Channels Company and its affiliated channels, products and services appearing on any of its websites or social networking pages/services are trademarks of Iqraa Channels Company.
The content (which includes any multimedia programs and materials in audio, visual and/or text format, content information, correspondences, written content, images, snapshots, footages, soundtracks, ringtones, songs, chants, etc.) available on any broadcasting channel, website, social network, mobile application, or through any other media, owned by or affiliated to Iqraa Satellite Channels Company, including the content provided through tabie.net, is the exclusive property of Iqraa Satellite Channels Company and its subsidiary entities, service operators or the respective trademark owners. All rights are reserved to Iqraa Channels Company.
This content is for personal use only and is not for commercial use. Accordingly, subscribers are not entitled to broadcast, publish, display, use or reproduce the content for any purpose or prepare it for use, broadcasting, or listening on any website, application, different types of platforms, including those existing and future ones, or any of the other current or future Company services or applications that can make the content available in any part of the world. Moreover, subscribers are also not entitled to use or display this content in general.
Ownership of the content is not transferred, fully or partially, to subscribers.
All the content provided on tabie.net in any form or format is protected by copyright laws and related regulations and, accordingly, all rights are reserved.
The content provided through tabie.net services may not be reissued, modified, transferred, distributed, republished, uploaded, mailed, or transmitted in any manner or by any other means or technology, including (in general but not limited to) electronic and automatic photography or recording, without prior written permission from Iqraa Channels Company.
You agree that the material and content contained or displayed are for user’s personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed commercially or publicly.
Iqraa Channels Company and the operators of the Tabie website will make the necessary efforts to keep the site fully operational at all times.
Iqraa Channels Company and the operators of the Tabie website will not be held responsible for any defects that may be beyond their control.
Iqraa Channels Company and the operators of the tabie.net website will not be held responsible for any defects that may be beyond their control.
The user will not assume that the content provided through tabie.net is completely error-free or appropriate for the purposes specified by the user when using it, or that it will always meet the accuracy and clarity of image that the subscriber hopes for.
Moreover, in relation to the services it provides on tabie.net, Iqraa Channels Company reserves the right to make any changes to some or all of these services and content. Iqraa Channels Company may change, modify, or terminate any of the current services or content without prior notice.
The quality of content may vary for subscribers from one device to another due to several factors, including (but are not limited to) the device type and specifications, connection speed, and geographical location. Not all content has the same quality with regards to image, sound, and speed.
For users to access any information on tabie.net or any other Iqraa Channels Company websites or social media pages, they must accept the terms and conditions of Iqraa Channels Company.
The user accepts that Iqraa Channels Company is not responsible for any action taken based on the information provided on tabie.net.
A Tabie.net user is asked to create a user account. Accordingly, the user chooses the duration of subscription from the options presented on the website and described in the Subscription clauses of these Terms and Conditions.
After choosing the subscription duration, the subscriber pays the subscription fees with the specified currency for the specified subscription period.
The subscriber chooses the payment method, such as credit card, to make the payment including any applicable taxes or other fees.
The user (or the subscriber) may not make copies by any means or any form of any materials or content of any nature on tabie.net or on any other server or website without prior written approval from Iqraa Channels Company.
Iqraa Channels Company reserves all rights to take appropriate legal and/or judicial action and seek remedies for any unauthorized use or any action or violation that may cause harm to the company, any of the service operators, or any of its services, content, or/and its public image.
Upon submitting any required personal information to tabie.net, such as the subscriber's address, email, phone number, etc., the user takes into consideration that Iqraa Channels Company may copy, modify, or distribute the creation of any sub-work of this content in any manner.
The user guarantees for Iqraa Channels Company that the information they provide is considered a publishable material, and agree to protect and compensate Iqraa Channels Company if any action is taken against Iqraa Channels Company or the operators of tabie.net related to the material provided by the user.
Accordingly, the user is obligated to abide by and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines in relation with Iqraa Channels Company and the nature of the content which abides by the acceptable limits of taste and decency and is not intended to violate religions, traditions and beliefs.
The user acknowledges that they are aware that the Iqraa Channels Company may (at its own discretion) publish the information/material they provide and/or use any concepts contained in it on its products or services without any liability to Iqraa Channels Company. The user agrees not to take any action against Iqraa Channels Company in relation to that.
For a few topics on the channels of Iqraa Channels Company, users may be asked to provide personal information that Iqraa Channels Company can use to inform them about its latest products and services after they visit Iqraa Channels Company websites. Personal information will be used in line with our privacy and confidentiality policy for the information on the network. You can review the privacy policy through the following link: tabie@iqraa.com The user pledges not to cause, instruct, or allow others to cause direct or indirect damage, piracy, or any interruption or harm, or intentionally allow others to cause such interruption, whether to the services or content of the tabie.net or to any of its clients and users, or other Iqraa Channels Company websites by any means.
The user agrees not to use tabie.net or other Iqraa Channels Company websites or applications to transmit or send any material to defame, attack, denigrate or threaten a person; or do any action that Iqraa Channels Company considers a source of annoyance, inconvenience or harassment to Iqraa Channels Company or to any other person or entity; or cause any illegal activities.
The user may not use tabie.net or other Iqraa Channels websites or applications, in whole or in part, to cause any obstruction or damage, or to reduce the efficiency of Iqraa Channels websites and applications or damage them in any way.
The service is accessed through the World Wide Web network (www), which is an independent network from Iqraa Channels Company, tabie.net and Iqraa Channels websites, and therefore, the user’s use of the World Wide Web (www) is the user’s personal responsibility and is subject to all national and international laws and regulations. Neither Iqraa Channels Company nor the operators of tabie.net are responsible for any information or services received by the user through the World Wide Web.

Iqraa Channels Company will not be held responsible for any defects, costs, loss of profit, or consequential losses arising from the user’s use or inability to use or access to the service at any time or due to total or partial interruption of the network.
The user acknowledges that Iqraa Channels and the operators of tabie.net do not have any control over the World Wide Web and cannot be held responsible for any content presented on it and can be accessed through its communication channels at any time.
Iqraa Channels Company may stop or modify the service offered on tabie.net or its other websites, whether in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever.
Iqraa Channels Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time. These modifications will become in full force and effective upon their announcement. User’s continuation to use tabie.net or any Iqraa Channels Company website will be considered an acceptance and approval of these amendments.
Iqraa Channels Company will not be held responsible for any content —or for the extent of its credibility— available on its websites or on any other websites connected to it, and such connection shall not be considered a recognition of any kind of such websites. Iqraa Channels Company does not guarantee that such connection will be available at all times and cannot control the permanent presence of the relevant web pages.

Subscription fees and prices:
Subscription enables the subscriber to view the content available on tabie.net.
First: Subscription fees for the service are as follows:

  • 6 Months: SAR 23.00
  • 12 Month: SAR 38.00

Second: Subscription steps
The customer accesses the website through the direct link on mobile phone or computer. In case the user wants to subscribe to the video-on-demand service, they enter their mobile phone number, then they receive a text message on the same number that contains a secret code that is necessary for running the service and for performing the desired process. This is to ensure data security and maintain the privacy of the transactions conducted on the page.

Third: Subscription Cancellation or Termination
The service cannot be terminated or canceled.

Fourth: Customer responsibility
The Customer is responsible for their own secret code that is sent by the operators of tabie.net to their mobile phone number, and pledges not to reveal it and to shoulder complete responsible in case of violation.

Subscription fees are non-refundable and are paid for each subscription period according to the options available at the beginning of the subscription. The subscriber cannot run the service from more than one browser at a time. To run the service on a new browser or a new device, they will have to close the other browser first.